Free Download - Husband - Flowers and Funerals - Water Over Night and Pre-Order RER010 - Robot Elephant vs. Tundra Dubs 

From the RER side of the compilation comes Husband - a duo comprised of Gianlorenzo and Chiara, hailing out of Italy’s creative ground zero, Bologna. Last years “Love Song / Slow Motion” introduced them to a wider audience, and now they follow up seamlessly with a new relentless jam called “Flowers”. An album is scheduled for later this year- expect new exciting sound transmissions from Bologna soon.

On the Tundra Dubs side, download Water Over Night by Funerals, who are Mollie Wells and Casey Immel-Brown, based out of Columbus / Ohio, where they lately have been hailed as one of the most promising electronic bands coming out of the Buckeye State. Well, if we had anything to say, they should be regarded as one of the most promising electronic bands from the whole US!  Water Over Night showcases our claim - a perfect dark jewel of engaging, sexy midnight techno.